Depression Screening Test

Depression Screening Test

Please consider the following questions and rate how true each one is in relation to how you have been feeling lately (i.e, in the last two to three days) compared to how you usually or normally feel.

Are you stewing over things?

Do you feel more vulnerable than usual?

Are you being self-critical and hard on yourself?

Are you feeling guilty about things in your life?

Do you find that nothing seems to be able to cheer you up?

Do you feel as if you have lost your core and essence?

Are you feeling depressed?

Do you feel less worthwhile?

Do you feel hopeless or helpless?

Do you feel more distant from other people?


Please note that while great care is taken with the development of
this Self-Assessment Tool, it is not intended to be a substitute for
professional clinical advice. While the results of the Self-Assessment
Tool may be of assistance to you, users should always seek the advice
of a qualified health provider with any questions they have regarding
their health.

9 or more
If you have been feeling this way for more than a couple of weeks, or
if these feelings persist for more than a couple of weeks, and as a
consequence your day to day functioning is impaired, there is a chance
that you might be clinically depressed. There might be wisdom in you
speaking to a general practitioner (primary care physician), trained
mental health professional or whomever you seek medical advice from to
clarify this possibility.

Less than 9
responses to these questions suggest that you are unlikely to be
clinically depressed. If your situation does not improve you might
consider answering this screening measure again.

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