Bipolar Screening Test

Bipolar Screening Test

Only if you answer ‘yes’ to the first three questions should you continue on with the checklist.

Question 1:
Have you had episodes of clinical depression – involving a period of at least 2 weeks
where you were significantly depressed and unable to work or only able
to work with difficulty – and had at least 4 of the following:

  • Loss of interest and pleasure in most things
  • Appetite or weight change
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Physical slowing or agitation
  • Fatigue or low energy
  • Feeling hopeless and helpless
  • Poor concentration
  • Suicidal thoughts

If yes, proceed.

Question 2:
Do you have times when your mood ‘cycles’, that is, do you experience ‘ups’ as well as depressive episodes?
If yes, proceed.

Question 3:
During the ‘ups’ do you feel more ‘wired’ and ‘hyper’ than you would experience during times of normal happiness?
If yes, proceed.

Please complete the checklist below, rating the extent to which each item applies to you during such ‘up’ times.

Feel more confident and capable

See things in a new and exciting light

Feel very creative with lots of ideas and plans

Become over-involved in new plans and projects

Become totally confident that everything you do will succeed

Feel that things are very vivid and crystal clear

Spend, or wish to spend, significant amounts of money

Find that your thoughts race

Notice lots of coincidences occurring

Note that your senses are heightened and your emotions intensified

Work harder, being much more motivated

Feel one with the world and nature

Believe that things possess a ‘special meaning’

Say quite outrageous things

Feel ‘high as a kite’, elated, ecstatic and ‘the best ever’

Feel irritated

Feel quite carefree, not worried about anything

Have much increased interest in sex (whether thoughts and/or actions)

Feel very impatient with people

Laugh more and find lots of things humorous

Read special significance into things

Talk over people

Have quite mystical experiences

Do fairly outrageous things

Sleep less and not feel tired


Feel angry


Please note that while great care is taken with the development of
this self-test, it is not intended to be a substitute for professional
clinical advice. While the results of the self-test may be of
assistance to you, users should always seek the advice of a qualified
health provider with any questions they have regarding their health.

22 or more
A score of 22 or more, together with episodes of clinical depression,
suggests possible bipolar I or II disorder and would warrant detailed
clinical assessment.

less than 22
A score of less than 22 is only returned by about 2% of those with true
bipolar disorder, so that if your score was less than 22, the
likelihood of you having the condition is low – but cannot be excluded.

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