We are extremely proud of the pioneering mental health clinic we have built.
There is a future
Better detection, treatment & care for Mood Disorders
The Lawson Clinic located in Sydney is one of Australia’s leading specialist treatment Clinics for depression & bipolar disorder.

Based on a Clinical Model developed by leading Australian Psychiatrists including Professor Gordon Parker at the world renowned Black Dog Institute (previously the Mood Disorders Unit, Prince of Wales Hospital established in 1985), The Lawson Clinic is at the cutting edge of depression & bipolar disorder treatment in Australia.

Our team of specialist psychiatrists and psychologists (both male and female) see patients from 14 years of age upwards. We attract patients from across NSW, interstate and overseas with many patients travelling long distances to attend our exclusive Clinic on Sydney’s North Shore.

Screening Test
Take our depression or bipolar screening test
Please note that while great care is taken with the development of this self-test, it is not intended to be a substitute for professional clinical advice. While the results of the self-test may be of assistance to you, users should always seek the advice of a qualified health provider with any questions they have regarding their health.

Depression Screening Test

Bipolar Screening Test

Telepsychiatry & Rural Communities

Mood Assessment Program
A world first assessment and diagnostic online app for depression and bipolar disorder
The MAP is an online assessment and diagnostic tool for mood disorders. It incorporates nearly a quarter of a century of sophisticated clinical expertise in assessment, diagnosis and management planning for people with both depressive and bipolar disorders.

In 2002 the Black Dog Institute, led by Professor Gordon Parker, conceived the MAP as a computerized assessment program that would capture the consolidated clinical expertise and decision making of clinical research psychiatrists who had worked at the Mood Disorders Unit (now part of the Black Dog Institute) since 1985.

New Lawson Clinic patients spend approximately one hour entering information into the online app. The data is transferred to the Black Dog Institute where a computer prepares a comprehensive report which is provided to the referring psychiatrist at The Lawson Clinic.

Find out what a Clinical Assessment entails

Our favourite word is de-stigmatisation. . .

* R.A.N.Z.C.P. Fellowship is held by all Lawson Clinic psychiatrists.

Meet our team

Dr Michael Williamson – Consultant Psychiatrist
Dr Williamson is a senior psychiatrist who specialises in borderline personality and mood related disorders.
Dr Caryl Barnes – Consultant Psychiatrist
Dr Barnes is a leading psychiatrist in the treatment of depression and bipolar disorder.
Dr Yvonne Skarbek – Consultant Psychiatrist
Dr Skarbek is a leading Australian psychiatrist with vast experience treating pregnant and postnatal women and adults.



Thank you Lawson Clinic for giving me back my life.

Staff here are always courteous and respectful and most helpful.

I was diagnosed with bipolar II and thought that it was the end of the world but you gave me hope and got me better.

Living in rural Australia with a mental health problem has been challenging because there are no local psychiatrists. Since 2 years ago I have been accessing the Lawson Clinic’s psychiatrists via Telehealth video conferencing. Wow… have things improved for me. It’s like having your own private psychiatrist without the need to travel 5 hours to Sydney.

I would like to express my appreciation of the intelligent, compassionate and creative care that you provided to my partner. You gave her a strong sense of personal being, and a sense of being valued, despite her illness.

I am writing to say how impressed I am with the sophistication of your clinic. Having not completely recovered, my psychiatrist suggested that he present my case to the Lawson Peer Review Panel. About 7 Lawson psychiatrists considered my case including Professor Gordon Parker. They explained their opinion to me and the treatment they suggested has kept me well.

The assistance you offer cannot be found any where else. I am now in remission and love life.

I am completely satisfied with my psychiatrist.  Without her, I would not have made it.

Your clinic is warm and friendly.

My psychiatrist is excellent. Very easy to talk to, yet professional and up to date with the latest techniques and ideas for treatment.

Dr Yvonne Skarbek – Consultant 

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    It is necessary to have a referral from a GP or other medical practitioners, including Psychiatrists prior to making an appointment.

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